General Plumbing

Our company not only specializes in leak detection, taps and toilets, we also cater for many other plumbing problems.

Blocked Drains

Kitchen sink, bathroom, toilet, storm water and sewer blockages can be a nasty and smelly problem. We have the machines to deal with blocked drains and pipes. From simple clearances to dig ups, we can handle them.

Drain Camera

Camera inspections of drains are now common place. Cameras tell us what the problem is, how much drain needs repairing and an exact location to start digging, all of this can save you time and money.

Pipe location

Don’t know where the poly pipe runs to your house? If you have access to the pipe and we can install a trace line, we can track it for you with our professional pipe locating technology.

Hot Water Services

Does your hot water run out fast? Is the hot water orange/brown colour? We can assess your tank and advise you of the best course of action. Did you know that your HWS requires servicing, just like your car?

Water filters

Does your water taste awful or is it making you feel sick? Filtered water not only tastes great, it is free from water born bugs. We can supply and install a water filter for you at an affordable price.